Financial Services

Softy wants to help your Financial Company respond quickly to the ever-changing demands, rules and pressures of the financial industry.

Ready-made solutions for Financial Services:

Business Optimization

Softy Team is ready to help you improve operational efficiency and respond to the challenges of regulatory reform by debugging and optimizing your business processes. All this is possible thanks to such software solutions:

  • Using servers, storage, RAM
  • Whole system performance
  • Server and application status
  • Network Throughput
  • Firewall reliability
  • Track and Prevent Problems
  • Generation of required reports

Data Analytics

You need to take advantage of the ever-growing arrays of data in the financial market, and not suffer like others from the lack of structural data. And the main weapon will be the advanced methods of interacting with the information that Softy Team is ready to arm you. And you will be able to understand and interpret your data thanks to storage methods, access-verification-cleaning methods, data architecture. All benefits of analytics will be available to willows:

  • Custom Big Data Interpretation Tools
  • Generate forecast reports for all business processes
  • Social analytics
  • Sharing analytics and social solutions
  • Scalable analytics


Softy wants to help you digitize your financial services. This is extremely useful when creating mobile banking, personnel training systems, and customer searches. Diversify your business strategy with such solutions as:

  • Shaping a digital perspective on your business.
  • Non-stop improvements through interaction with social networks, various portals, sites, mobile applications and websites.
  • Nonstop customer service through interaction with mobile applications and social networks.
  • Significantly accelerated processes through timely updating of customer-oriented systems.