About Softy

Softy is a young software development team headquartered in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Softy’s primary mission is to help connect our clients with outstanding IT professionals for the time being, and more often for life. The key to high performance is a trusting relationship between the client and Softy Team and we have seen this from our own experience.

Are We Softy Enough

Why us?

Since we are a fairly young team in this field. We always try to find a new approach, a new solution or not a standard way to stand out in the ocean of other software sharks.

Softy Team is passionate about creating custom software applications using effective and efficient solutions to achieve results beyond 100%.

Softy Team is always glad to see you. The more you are involved, close collaboration improves the result.

In Softy Team, there is absolutely no discrimination of any kind. Softy promotes equal opportunities for all and evaluates only according to her abilities, and nothing else matters.

Softy is ready to help regardless of distances, time zones and language barriers. Softy Team speaks English and quickly learn skills.

Softy Team

Softy is not really a company. Softy Team is a family.

A family in which everyone enjoys their work and where each member is a wonderful person both in work and in personal ways.

Softy Success Stories